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Interview with GA State Head Coach Roger Kincaid

Listen in as he SPEAKS OUT on the Commonalities of Great Players

Author: Bullets Admin/Thursday, February 12, 2015/Categories: EC BULLETS FASTPITCH News Archives

Coach Roger Kincaid also spills the beans on these topics:

  • -All college coaches say they want power, speed and Shut down pitching when asking about players; but what are the intangibles that you look for in your players?
  • -Is it a bad thing to have TOO many leaders on a team?
  • -How do you manage a roster of 18 – 20 players, you need to have players able to step in and step up when called upon, how do you keep the other 9 game ready mentally and physically?
  • -What is your opinion on failure?  How many times would you let a player fail, before making a change?
  • -To be really good, requires leverage.  How are you using leverage to make your team better?
  • -What makes you mad both on and off the field with regards to your players – your pet-peeve?

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